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    Give wellness teams the tools they need to succeed


    Use video-based learning to complement initiatives

What is Wellbeing NET?

WellbeingNET is an initiative of the AKDN Workplace Wellness Programme that provides an online library of high quality resources related to wellness. It is a tool which is being piloted to support the implementation of workplace wellness programmes. The AKDN Workplace Wellness Programme started in 2005 in Eastern Africa as an HIV/AIDS prevention initiative which was shown to reduce the rate of AIDS-related absences and death amongst AKDN employees. Over the past decade, the programme has expanded well beyond its initial scope. Today, it seeks to improve the quality of life of AKDN employees, families and communities, by raising awareness of wellness issues, equipping individuals with the knowledge and ability to address their wellness needs and promoting behaviour change.

Our Approach

WellbeingNET helps solve some of the key challenges facing wellness programmes such as:


Wellness programme locations are often spread out across regions and within countries and participants are sometimes too far from major cities to have access to high-quality resources as those located in central locations. Wellbeing NET, being an online platform increases accessibility to high quality resources.


Due to the cost involved in implementing wellness activities across several locations, the ability for wellness programmes to scale-up their activities is often limited. Because it is online, WellbeingNET increases the accessibility of high-quality instructors and materials making it easy for organisations to scale up their activities.


Given the cost involved in addressing a large number of wellness topics, wellness programmes often limit their activities by focusing on highest-priority needs. WellbeingNET creates opportunities for sharing amongst peers, circumvents issues related to time and space.


Managers often find it difficult to anticipate wellness needs and plan budgets. WellbeingNET makes budgeting simpler and predictable, and allows managers to increase their scale and scope of wellness programmes at minimal cost.

Key features of the platform

Discussion forums for facilitators
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Facilitator guides to assist sessions
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Video modules developed by subject matter experts
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  • www.wellbeingnet.org
  • Not a member yet? Click Log-In and then Sign-Up Now
  • Download the video module and facilitator guide
  • Review the content and resources in the facilitator guide and watch the video
  • Invite your colleagues to attend the Wellbeing NET session that you will be facilitating
  • Prepare all the materials you will need for the session See the list of necessary materials in the facilitator guide
  • Introduce the session
  • Distribute the pre-assessment test (Annex A)
  • Show the video
  • Lead a group discussion
  • Share the answers to the pre-assessment test
  • Distribute the feedback form and collect responses (Annex B)
  • Select "Add a Session" at the top of the Wellbeing NET platform when you are logged in as a facilitator
  • Enter the data from participants in the feedback form